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Association of Royal Naval First Class Divers and AGM

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Welcome to the Association of Royal Naval First Class Divers Web Page.

The site has been set up to ensure that the members of this Association are aware of what is happening as this will be the only site which will be open to all to read but will only have details of what you want to place here and prevent spam from the site being placed here if you require any item to be placed on these pages contact me on

This site enables all Clearance Divers as well as AORNFCD members to be aware of any Divers Social and other items of news that appear on our the RN Diving sites.

News Items 1.

We are at present helping in the placing of a Diving and MineWarfare Monument in Gunwharf Quays Portsmouth, to enable people to be aware of what Naval Divers have achieved at the site where Naval Diving Training took place for over 50 years

News Items 2.

The next Socials for the AORNFCD will be placed here shortly as it will be our 25th this year we will be changing the format so watch this space for dates and times I can say that provisionally it will be on the 17th and 18th May 2013 all Divers will be welcome I will be placing the details in December about the function. 

News Items 3.

The Multiply site will be removed this December 2012 and we will need to find another free site which we can use and try to keep the amount of information down as I am aware a number of members dislike the Facebook Site, I will try to make it a free one, where members can add there details and any events

The Royal Naval Clearance Diving Branch.

More about us, the Clearance Diving Branch is the elite force of the Royal navy.
Are some of the very best trained Divers in the world and are highly skilled in a number task from Explosives to Underwater Engineering.

A large number of our members have become the experts in two fields since leaving the Navy: -

1st. EOD field, and have taken this profession up when they left the navy.

2nd, those who took up Saturation Diving in the North Sea.

These elite members of the Royal Navy Diving Branch have received many awards for the dangerous jobs they do, far higher than any other branch of that size. And the CD 1 is the top of this professional tree, which our members who qualified after 1960 all are.

Associations Address
Secretary AORNFCD
Mr B Tempest (Troy)
18 Greyshott Ave
PO14 3JD
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